SDSN Northern Europe


SDSN NE Secretariat
– Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV

Nordic members of the SDSN Leadership Council
– Lena Treschow Torell
– Johan Rockström
– Åke Iverfeldt
– Hans Vestberg
– Carl-Henrik Svanberg
– Nicklas Kjellström
– Tarja Halonen
– Jan Egeland

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network Northern Europe (SDSN NE) is a regional SDSN network for Northern Europe and part of the global SDSN. The SDSN NE pools knowledge, experience and capacities of the regions’ academic, business and civil society actors and strives to promote the national and regional sustainable development of Northern Europe, as well as the region’s efforts for sustainable development worldwide. SDSN NE intends to place the search for and creation of new solutions at the heart of its network activities, and to work closely with existing processes in politics and with business. We want to ask questions and join with others to develop answers.

The objectives of the SDSN NE are to:

1. connect academia, business, government and civil society to promote sustainable development and the SDGs as a guiding principle in business, politics and science, with particular focus on Scandinavia and Northern Europe

2. provide individuals from academia, business, society and policy-making with an opportunity to discuss and develop new initiatives outside of traditional milieus and silos

3. create an initial impetus for new social and technological solutions through focused interdisciplinary research in cooperation with business and government, and test and implement solutions that demonstrate the potential of technical and business innovation within Northern Europe and across the globe

4. support and contribute to innovative financing mechanisms for the implementation of solutions initiatives in support of the SDGs

5. actively support and engage existing dialogues and cooperation platforms in the Northern European region and beyond, and share experiences, strategies, evidence and solutions

6. provide science-based decision-making support to stakeholders and ensure that policy-makers, business and social actors can better access and process academic findings and recommendations

7. partner with major national and regional media outlets to raise awareness among stakeholders of the need to a successful SDG agenda