SIF Oceans

On May 16, 2017, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Northern Europe in collaboration with the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden hosted an action-oriented event where entrepreneurs, industry, investors, researchers and decisionmakers came together to create more sustainable solutions for our oceans.

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Together for oceans

“The solutions are out there. Now we need to create strong collaborations between different stakeholders and we also need to join forces to communicate around the solutions related to SDG14”*

SIF Oceans was the first edition of SIF and it provided an interactive meeting arena to identify and promote available solutions from Northern Europe focusing on four challenges:

  • Marine litter solutions – focusing on collecting, recycling and replacing plastic.
  • Smart and Clean Energy for All – solutions focusing on marine renewable energy such as sea current, wave and tidal energies, as well as reducing greenhouse emissions from shipping.
  • Finding sustainable protein sources – solutions focusing on production of marine food for humans and livestock.
  • Marine pollution – solutions focusing on reducing emissions of environmental pollutants.

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*Anna Nordén Program Manager of SDSN Northern Europe.

The Oceans Solutions Report

Would you like a printable version of The Oceans Solutions Report? Please contact Anna Nordén, Program Manager of SDSN Northern Europe via email:

Action points suggested

The action points suggested from SIF Oceans was presented at the Swedish Water Management Conference. The actions was a result of a collaborative group discussion during SIF Oceans between entrepreneurs, industry, investors, researchers and decision makers.


  • Review of incentives for sustainable solutions
  • Forbid plastic bags
  • Improve manufacturers responsibility for plastics

Create test beds

  • Investments and simple rules for test beds that demonstrate innovations in the scaling phase.
  • Communication

Create best practice protocols primarily to reach investors

  • Assume the sustainability index for marketing and communication
  • Develop joint communication campaigns



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