Registration and call for abstracts open to the Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Sci­ence Day in Helsinki May 11-12


Sustainability has been discussed for decades in research, policy and business. Yet, given the global environmental and social challenges, it is more actual than ever. The burning question is what pathways that lead us to an ecologically sound and socially just society.

Helsinki Sustainability Science Centre is being established to support sustainability transformations together with its collaborators, societal actors and companies by using inter- and transdisciplinarity approaches. The conference Pathways to Sustainability Transformations is a launch of the centre. Further, it will be the first SDSN event in Finland gathering leading experts in sustainability internationally and nationally.

In order to present current research of sustainability and gather experts interested in sustainability transformations the call for abstracts is divided in three thematic working groups:

  • Understanding complex social-ecological systems
  • Exploring the conditions and limits for transformations
  • Co-producing sustainability pathways

Join the event and submit your abstract via this link by March 1st

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