SIF Oceans one of the voluntary commitments for the UN Ocean Conference


We’re happy to announce that SDSN Northern Europe’s SIF Ocean is now one of the voluntary commitments for the UN Ocean Conference.

Voluntary commitments for The Ocean Conference are initiatives voluntarily undertaken by Governments, the United Nations system, other intergovernmental organizations, international and regional financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations, academic and research institutions, the scientific community, the private sector, philanthropic organizations and other actors – individually or in partnership – that aim to contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14. Any voluntary commitments made within the framework of the 2030 Agenda targeting SDG 14 can be registered as voluntary commitments for The Ocean Conference.

SDSN Northern Europe is strongly committed to our oceans and SDG 14. The solutions are out there and we have great examples from the northern region that could be implemented on a global scale. Now we need to create strong collaborations between different stakeholders and join forces to communicate around the solutions related to SDG14,” says Anna Nordén, Program Manager, SDSN Northern Europe.

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