Youth strength for the 2030 Agenda


Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative Youth group and United Nations SDSN Youth – Northern Europe are organizing a panel discussion on the topic of youth, food production and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Swedish Political Week Almedalen on the island of Gotland on July 4th.

“Youth are tomorrow’s decision-makers and are already showing new alternative paths towards a brighter and more sustainable future. We hope to inspire around how youth can make a sustainable impact on the SDGs and food production locally and globally by discussing and showcasing solutions and youth perspectives”, says Linnéa Lundmark, Network coordinator, SDSN Youth in Northern Europe.

Despite the strength, skills and creativity possessed by youth, they face different challenges that may impede with their active and inclusive participation in sustainably leading and developing our societies. During the panel discussion, the panelists will discuss how youth competence and skills can be better harnessed and included into the implementation of The 2030 Agenda. What are the necessary steps to include youth and what forums are critical for a better collaboration with youth actors in the realisation of the SDGs?

The panelists are:
– Kajsa Johansson, Doctoral student at Linnaeus University (moderator)
– Björn Fondén, Swedish Youth Representative in the UN High-Level Political Forum 2017
– Linnéa Lundmark, Network Coordinator at SDSN Youth in Northern Europe
– Johan Andersson, Chairperson, Nature and Youth Sweden (Fältbiologerna)
– Rikard Lundgren, Initiator and founder of Food2Change
– Adam Arnesson, farmer at Jannelunds Gård and planet caretaker
– Carin Jämtin, General Director of Sida.

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* Photo: photothek/Ina Fassbender

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