SDSN Northern Europe hosts session on green investment tools at NTNU Sustainability Science Conference


20 October 2017, SDSN Northern Europe is hosting a session on green investment tools for sustainable development at the NTNU Sustainability Science Conference in Trondheim, 18-20 October 2017.

To implement the UN Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Development Financing, new financial instruments are needed to cover the wide area of sustainable development. Green finance is becoming a leading tool to connect forward-looking industrial actors and businesses with investors. The background for this development is that business models which promote sustainability are better suited for future markets. In addition, new green investment tools expand relevant innovation opportunities. Currently the use of green investment tools, such as green bonds and decarbonization of financial portfolios, are growing. Nevertheless, compared with a global financial market these instruments are still very small.

The issue discussed in this session is how green investment tools can be scaled up and how they can be more holistic in the Agenda 2030 perspective including environment, social and governance issues simultaneously. We start by learning more from the experiences with green investment tools so far. Following up discussing the possibility and desirability to take a more holistic approach and if such financial instruments would make a substantial contribution to facilitating the financing of sustainability projects at a lower cost than other funds in the future.

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