Coaching young entrepreneurs to sustainable business ideas for the SDGs

It is no secret that young people are key when it comes to sustainable development. Not only because they will lead our society in the future, but because they possess crucial characteristics for sustainable development – creativity, hope and knowledge. Our young generation is the most well educated in history, but are also facing great unemployment numbers. We need to change business as usual towards a new way of thinking.

Today the training of 2017 – 2018 year’s 26 Sustainability Coaches started. The Solution Initiative Sustainability Coach is a collaboration project with Junior Achievement in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden, connecting university students with young entrepreneurs to support them in developing sustainable business ideas for the SDGs.

We must invest in young people to build the right competence and self-esteem required to face the complex challenges of our time.

During the training, the students gain communication and education skills to coach high-school students undergoing a Junior Achievement Company Program (Ung Företagsamhet). During their entrepreneurship course, the high-school students receive knowledge and advice on how to develop sustainable business ideas that connect to the SDGs from the Sustainability Coaches, using an education kit prepared by SDSN Youth in Northern Europe. This project enables university and high-school students to exchange ideas and knowledge, making it a co-learning experience for both parties.

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