Exchanging ideas at Global Leadership Council meeting, New York

21-22 September, the SDSN Leadership Council gathered at Columbia University, New York, to discuss engaging solution initiatives for implementation of the Agenda 2030. Tarja Halonen, Johan Rockström, Lena Torell, Anna Dubois, Katarina Gårdfeldt and Anna Nordén represented Northern Europe.

Among the important issues discussed were the value of early childhood education for sustainable development; health issues such as obesity and organ trafficking due to poverty; and climate change.

”Public funding for primary and secondary education is crucial for Sustainable development”

said Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK.

”We need to start with clean energy, then we can go for the electric cars. We need a constant increase in carbon price to get there.”

said James Hansen, adjunct professor, Columbia University.

The initiatives of SDSN Northern Europe were highlighted in several occasions during this Global Leadership Council meeting. Many are inspired of the Workshop Series – Agenda 2030 An Ocean of Opportunities for Academia, where we put the guide “Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities” into action.

It is time for universities to walk the talk!

says Anna Nordén, Program Manager of SDSN Northern Europe.



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