Article Series: Young Change Agents for ESD

#månadensvärldsförbättrare (in English The change agent of the month) is an article series that once a month will raise a young person engaged in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) who have made a vital contribution for sustainable development. This initiative is a collaboration between 12 Swedish organizations and part of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD. Once a month we will share an article written by the different organizations. Learn more here (in Swedish)


June – Jack Burgos Johannesson

Jack Burgos Johannesson is engaged in the Green Flag Council at Nicolaiskolan in Helsingborg.  A Green Flag Council is available at all Green Flag schools around the world and play an important role in driving sustainability work at the schools forward. Read the full story here >> (In Swedish)


May – Tilde Krusberg

Tilde Krusberg at Globala gymnasiet in Sweden, has studied the potential of Azospirillum bacteria as an alternative to fertilizers. Her project group is nominated for an international contest for young researchers. Read the full story here >> (In Swedish)


April – Karin Bylund

Karin Bylund, 24, heads the Black Dot student association in Gothenburg. The association creates opportunities for students to come up with real solutions for sustainable development through value-creating processes and is one of 21 member organisations in SDSN Youth in Northern Europe, which works towards the global goals for sustainable development with a focus on young adults. Read the full story here >>

March – Sakariya Hirsi

Meet 20 year old Sakariya Hirsi, co founder of Welcome 2 Second Chance Children And Youth Association Of Sweden. Read the full story here (In Swedish)


February – Anna Sjögren

Meet 22 year old Anna Sjögren is Project manager for Miljötinget  and engages young people in environmental and sustainability issues. Read the full story here (in Swedish)











January – Masoume Hazaraee

First out is Swedesd. They share the story of 21 year old Masoume Hazaraee, a study advisor and mother tongue primary teacher in Sweden. After only 3 years in Sweden, she guides and supports newly arrived youth in learning the Swedish language. Read the full story here (in Swedish)




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