Article Series: Young Change Agents for ESD

#månadensvärldsförbättrare (in English The change agent of the month) is an article series that once a month will raise a young person engaged in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) who have made a vital contribution for sustainable development. This initiative is a collaboration between 12 Swedish organizations and part of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD. Once a month we will share an article written by the different organizations. Learn more here (in Swedish)


March – Sakariya Hirsi

Meet 20 year old Sakariya Hirsi, co founder of Welcome 2 Second Chance Children And Youth Association Of Sweden. Read the full story here (In Swedish)


February – Anna Sjögren

Meet 22 year old Anna Sjögren is Project manager for Miljötinget  and engages young people in environmental and sustainability issues. Read the full story here (in Swedish)











January – Masoume Hazaraee

First out is Swedesd. They share the story of 21 year old Masoume Hazaraee, a study advisor and mother tongue primary teacher in Sweden. After only 3 years in Sweden, she guides and supports newly arrived youth in learning the Swedish language. Read the full story here (in Swedish)




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