Young people from Northern Europe gathering in Stockholm for stronger Nordic collaboration for the SDGs at SDSN Youth in Northern Europe Summit

On Tuesday May 15, 25 representatives from 15 youth organizations in Sweden, Finland and Denmark gathered at the first Network Summit to strengthen partnership and collaboration, and to empower youth actors in the region to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Summit made it possible to learn from best practices, learn more about what we can and should do for the SDGs, and work on collaboration projects in Northern Europe. Many workshops and activities made it possible to mobilize and assess youth efforts, discuss common challenges and achievements and learn more about how young people in a local context can contribute to global positive changes.

“Networking is all about people and relationships, which is why it is crucial to meet in person to lower obstacles to build strong partnerships and to better understand everyone’s conditions, ambitions and initiatives regarding sustainable development work”

– Linnéa Lundmark, Network Coordinator SDSN Youth in Northern Europe.

The participants represented many different focus areas, issues and communities. Among them were Miron Arljung, Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute, and member of Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative, SIANI, who was very happy to have joined the Network Summit:

“It was a pleasure to meet everyone and the overall atmosphere was great. It feels like the Network Summit laid ground for many good collaboration opportunities”.

Danielle Agnello, Director of Global Health Mentorships, stated that:

“This summit exceeded my expectations by providing a platform for me to meet the other members, as well as co-create how we will take our next steps as a network in 2018”.

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