We Proudly Present our New Secretariat Members

Meet Martin Eriksson, new Network Manager of SDSN Northern Europe, Karin Bylund, new Network Coordinator of SDSN Youth in Northern Europe and Nina Silow, Communications Officer

Martin Eriksson has a PhD in environmental sciences. His scientific background lies primarily in the crossroad of ecotoxicology and microbial ecology, meaning that he has been studying how toxic chemicals affect natural microbial communities. He focused mostly on marine ecosystems, and has among other things studied how the different emissions from shipping affects the marine environment. Martin has also been involved in various stakeholder and innovation networks, and in utilization of scientific results.

“Humanity now face great challenges that has to be addressed on a global scale. SDSN has a key role to promote Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and thereby working towards healthy and productive human societies and ecosystems. This is indeed a huge task, but it is also a very inspiring task to work with. To produce and disseminate knowledge about the implementation of the SDGs, and create events to inspire members and the general public, is at the core of what I see as a meaningful job. It is also fun to learn new things about sustainability, and work with the inspiring people in SDSN.”


Karin Bylund recently graduated from a bachelor in global studies at the University of Gothenburg and has since a year back worked at the Grants and Innovation Office at the University of Gothenburg, where she was part of a student driven project known as Black Dot. The project aimed to increase the number of students acting for social impact trough innovation and value-creating processes. Part from this she has experience from a number of non-profit organizations in Sweden mainly within student welfare.

“I am mostly looking forward towards working with the member organizations of SDSN Youth in Northern Europe. The project I previously worked with is a member of the network, and the collaborations and conversations facilitated by SDSN Youth have been very fruitful. I hope to be an important part of developing this platform further!”











Nina Silow has previously worked at the department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers University of Technology as a communications officer dedicated for Chalmers Production Area of Advance, and several research centres. Her personal interest in sustainability also lead to engagement in a focus group on sustainability within the Production Area of Advance. Before Chalmers, she worked as project leader at Volvo Cars.

“I want to put the spotlight on the urgency of working together towards the Sustainable Development Goals by engaging our community and celebrating good solutions.”

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