Good feedback from the Nordic Council of Ministers

Two members of SDSN Northern Europe recently presented their work in the Pre-study for the Creation of a Nordic Panel to reach SDG 12 to the Nordic Council of Ministers. At a meeting in Åland in late August, Anders Ahlbäck and Martin Eriksson told the council about their ideas.

– We received good and useful feedback on our suggestions, says Martin Eriksson.

What members there will be, and what functions they will have in the Nordic Panel, will be more thoroughly suggested in the report from the project, finalized in late September.

The Pre-study for a Nordic Panel for Sustainable Solutions will map existing Nordic research within the theme Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12), potential gaps and how to construct a Nordic Science-Policy panel on this area.

The meeting in Åland occurred at the same time as the Regeneration 2030 summit which is a non-profit initiative led and organised by teenagers and young adults of the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

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