Top 5 ways to celebrate the UN Day

Join us in the celebration of the 2018 United Nations Day, October 24th! These are our Top 5 suggestions for how-to:

  1. Sign-up for one free online course from the world’s leading experts on sustainable development. Check out the SDG Academy!
  2. Enjoy the live streamed SDSN Concert for a Sustainable Planet: Changing Reality!
  3. Save the date for the ICSD 2019, the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 4 – 5 September in Rome, Italy. Virtual participation is available!
  4. Take action! Get inspiration from solution initiatives:
    – How to refuse segregation and allow integration? We present solutions in the 2018 Integration Solutions Report.
    – How to face ocean-related challenges? We show that a sustainable use of our oceans is possible in the 2017 Oceans Solutions Report.
  5. Get started with the whole-of-university approach to the sustainable development goals, read the guide “Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities”!

How do you celebrate the United Nations Day?

By: Nina Silow

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