SDSN Northern Europe Member Conference 2020

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Welcome to the SDSN Northern Europe Member Conference 2020. It is only ten years left to reach the Sustainable Development Goals! We therefore want to gather our forces in the Northern Europe network to take our work to the next level of action. The Member Conference is an important opportunity for members to connect and engage through networking, information sharing, strategy development, and skills building.

WHEN: 26-27 March 2020 (Lunch to Lunch)
WHERE: Gothenburg, Sweden
VENUE: The House of William Chalmers, Södra Hamngatan 11


Day 1: Thursday 26 March

12:00-13:00  Lunch

13:00-13:10  Welcome

13:10-13:30  Introduction to the global SDSN and the SDSN NE strategy

13:30-14:00  Keynote presentation

14:00-15:00  Member presentations (3-5 minutes, important sustainability activities and challenges)

15:00-15:30  FIKA

15:30-17:00  Parallel breakout groups, 45 minutes and two consecutive sessions. Switch group in halftime.
Potential topics:
1. SDGs in Universities: How can we improve teaching about Sustainable Development?
2. How to write policy, strategy, implementation plans and Sustainability reports?
3. The concept of Solution Initiative Forums
4. The SDG Impact Assessment Tool
5. potential member contribution

17:00-18:00  Networking mingle

18:00-21:00  Dinner

Day 2: Friday 27 March

08:30-09:00  Introduction to Day 2 and recapitulation of Day 1.

09:00-09:30  Presentation of sustainability communication on SDSN NE members web pages. Lessons learned from good examples.

09:30-10:15  Workshop: How can we make use of our SDSN Northern Europe network in the most efficient way?
Parallel breakout groups

10:15-10:45  FIKA

10:45-11:30 Panel and Plenary discussion:

11:30-12:00  Summary of the conference and take-home messages

12:00-13:00  Lunch

The afternoon is free. Why not book a meeting with your new SDSN NE contact?

We have sent out a questionnaire to our members, asking for feedback and ideas. Did you not receive the questionnaire? Please contact our Member Coordinator Maria Svane.

(for Northern Europe members only)


We have chosen the dates to offer you the opportunity to combine your visit with the conference Rethinking Higher Education – inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals  on 28 March 2020.

Is this your first travel to Gothenburg? Here is some information to make your trip smoother.


This conference is open for SDSN Northern Europe members only.

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