Insights from the SDG Conference in Bergen 2020

plus Member meeting at lunch.

Once again, the University of Bergen arranged their annual SDG conference! Once again, Martin Eriksson and myself from the SDSN NE secretariat visited the conference, in a rainy but beautiful Bergen.

The first day started off with The Bergen SDG Lecture, where Dr. Peter Messerli gave a brilliant presentation of the recently published UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019. The two-day conference concluded with a presentation of a Norwegian National Platform for SDG Quality in Higher Education. You can download the report describing the development of a platform for sharing of ideas and practiceswithin the universities.

We also met with some of our Norwegian members (Björn Erik Andersen from the University in Bergen, Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen and Elin Wyller from OsloMet, and Victoria Thoresen and Robert Didham from Inland Norway University) at lunch, discussing our upcoming member conference!

More information from the conference on the SDG Bergen website.
Read the report: UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019.
Read the report: SDG Quality in higher education: Developing a platform for sharing of ideas and practices within the universities.

Blogg post by Maria Svane, PhD, Member Coordinator SDSN Northern Europe


One man and one woman.
Two representatives from the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat visited the conference: Martin Eriksson, Network Manager, and Maria Svane, Member Coordinator.
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