SDGs Today – the new global hub for real-time SDG data

SDGs Today coverToo much of our data is out-of-date or missing and too many people are being left behind. Check out SDSN’s new data portal, SDGs Today, to access and engage with real-time and timely data on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GIS training, and resources.

This one-of-a-kind open access data platform has the potential to revolutionize how we understand and communicate the urgency of the SDGs and how we develop solutions, by providing a much-needed virtual space where key stakeholders from around the world can access and engage with timely data (updated annually or in more frequent intervals) on the SDGs and learn how to use the data effectively to push Agenda 2030 forward. The platform also houses GIS training and education resources and supports countries and other institutions to produce, share, and engage with the data to help ensure that we meet the global goals by 2030.

Explore the Global Hub for real-time SDG data: SDGs Today 

SDGs Today also includes very interesting Story Maps for a variety of topics, for example: global temperature change, electricity access, child mortality, air quality, and female world leaders. Another example is deforestation where the probability of deforestation can be explored in detail and the projected forest disturbance (tree cover loss) is very widespread in Sweden, Finland and Norway.



The platform is developed by SDSN, in partnership with Esri and National Geographic.

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