New guide for the SDG Impact Assessment Tool

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Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development and SDSN Northern Europe now release an SDG Impact Assessment Tool guide. The guide describes how to use the tool, highlights different user scenarios, and lists questions and answers about the tool.

The first guide for the SDG Impact Assessment Tool is now being released. Since the launch of the tool almost two years ago, the use has become widely spread, both geographically and organisation-wise. Anders Ahlbäck is the project manager of the tool and one of the authors of the new guide.

–          The handling of the tool has shown to be easy, but it might be challenging to apply the tool in different contexts and to understand the iterative learning process. The lessons that we’ve learned since the launch, and the feedback from users, have now been compiled into a user guide.

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool – Guide 1.0 contains everything you need to know to perform an SDG impact assessment.

  • The five-step by step process recommended for assessments.
  • User scenarios for education, research, innovation and business, and for strategic planning and decision making.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers.

It is foremost the user scenarios that are new. They include real cases of how different users have taken on the tool. This aims to support people who are curious to see if the tool would work for them. There are also instructions to either make a first assessment or to make it is easier for people who already use the tool to broaden their usage.


Download the guide for free here.

Try the SDG Impact Assessment Tool here.

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