Recordings available: Environmental Science-Policy Solutions and Pathways

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In conjunction with the UN Stockholm +50 conference, SDSN Northern Europe and SDSN Kenya invited SDSN members and others worldwide in a discussion on how to create action with science-policy for the environmental dimension of sustainable development. Now the recordings from all the talks are available.

The event offered a great discussion on science-policy and creating action for the environmental dimension of sustainable development. Here we have gathered the recordings from all the talks!

In addition, we want to highlight three take-home messages:

1) If you are an environmental scientist and have upcoming new research results, please publish as soon as possible to help UNEP in the work for the upcoming Global Environmental Outlook report.
2) UNEP want to engage environmental scientists and solution-oriented experts to assist in the upcoming global environmental assessment work.
3) Given the stagnating development of SDG implementation described in the recent Sustainable Development Report and the sixth Global Environmental Outlook, science-policy interfaces are more important than ever.


Moderated by Eve de la Mothe Karoubi,  Head of the Networks Team of the SDSN

Legacy from the 1972 UN Conference in Stockholm and using the SDGs as a roadmap to 2030 and beyond 
Guillaume Lafortune, Vice President of SDSN

Science-Policy Interfaces: From Warnings to Solutions
Dr. Pia Kohler, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Key messages from the UNEP Synthesis Report ‘Making Peace with Nature’ 
Prof. Joyeeta Gupta, University of Amsterdam, Co-chair of the sixth Global Environment Outlook

UNEP’s future environmental assessment work
Pierre Boileau, Head of UNEP’s Global Assessment Unit

00:00 – 10:40 Bridging the Gap between Science and Policy – Experiences from Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
Gun Rudquist, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

10:41 – 21:43 A Better Earth through Environmental Governance  –  Wangari Maathai perspective
Bessy Eva Kathambi, Wangari Institute of Peace and Environmental Studies

21:44 – 31:32 Experiences from Finnish Saumakohtia dialogues: science meeting politicians
Kaisa Korhonen Kurki, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

31:33 – 42:48 Promoting Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Low Carbon Technologies in African maritime sector
Work done by Hiram M. Ndiritu, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, presented by Dr. Gerald Odhiambo


This was a Stockholm +50 Associated Event.




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