How to become a nature-positive university was discussed during member meeting

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SDSN Northern Europe held an online member meeting on March 8, 2023, to discuss the outcomes of COP 15, biodiversity, and how to become a nature-positive university.

The member meeting discussed several topics related to the environment, including the outcome of COP15, nature-positive universities, and research and policy engagement for a green transition.

During the meeting, we heard from experts in the field, including Jonas Kittelsen, Nordic Youth representative at COP15, who shared his reflections on the conference, including youth concerns about financing and implementation mechanisms.

Global Youth Position Statement on Nature-based Solutions >>

Inger Elisabeth Måren from the University of Bergen discussed the nature crisis and the need for cross-disciplinary work and legal protection of nature.

Emily Stott from the University of Oxford spoke about the Nature Positive Universities Alliance and the importance of defining terms accurately to prevent greenwashing. Emily welcomed more universities from the Nordic countries. SDSN Northern Europe members are encouraged to:

Olof Drakenberg from the Environment for Development at the University of Gothenburg talked about research and policy engagement for a green transition – experiences from North-South and South-South collaboration, highlighting the importance of mutual understanding and respect for successful collaborations.

The meeting ended with a panel discussion and news from the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat.


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