Working with Agenda 2030 in Nordic municipalities

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Do you work in a Nordic municipality and want to learn more about Agenda 2030 and how you can assess impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? This is an offer for you.

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool is a free online tool for making self-assessments of how activities, projects, or organizations impact the SDGs. The tool’s strength is that it creates a discussion that leads to learning and development and that it offers a structured approach to take on the task of assessing impacts on the SDGs. We invite you to test the SDG Impact Assessment Tool on something you are working on in your municipality. The test can be done on any project, innovation, plan, or operation that can be clearly defined and framed.

SDSN Northern Europe has received feedback that the SDG Impact Assessment Tool can be valuable to support municipalities in their sustainability work. One example is the municipality of Strängnäs in Sweden which has used the tool in several cases. Their feedback is that the tool is great for learning and that it provides a neutral platform that brings all arguments to the table. Based on these experiences, they have signalled that they see great potential for using the tool in a municipal context.

Therefore, we are looking for Nordic municipalities that would like to try the tool with our support. The offer is open during spring 2023.

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