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On the 20th of April, the SDSN, the Climateworks Centre, and Monash University launched the Net Zero on Campus initiative.

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The Net Zero on Campus initiative consists of a “how-to” guide and an accompanying online toolkit of resources for colleges and universities to advance campus climate action around the world. The guide and online toolkit serve as timely resources that build on frameworks and tools developed by universities at the forefront of tackling climate action. The initiative aims to equip colleges and universities with the knowledge and tools they need to accelerate their climate action plans while creating new communities of practice among them.

The Solutions Initiative ‘Climate Framework for Higher Education Institutions’ by SDSN Northern Europe members is highlighted in the guide as an amplifier of change in the guide.

There is also a toolkit with resources and case studies within six action areas for implementing net zero on campus:

  1. Energy (reducing energy demands, replacing fossil fuel-dependent appliances, establishing microgrids, sourcing renewable energy)
  2. Mobility (commuter travel, zero emissions vehicle fleet, sustainable business travel)
  3. Facilities (replacing energy-intensive equipment, retrofitting campus buildings, constructing sustainable buildings)
  4. Waste and recycling (participating in a circular economy, material recovery)
  5. Value chain (sustainable procurement, purchasing offsets)
  6. Beyond campus operation (acting as an amplifier of change, engaging with students, encouraging net zero aligned education, research and innovation)


Get involved!

  • Contribute to the Online Toolkit by submitting your own case studies and decarbonization resources.
  • Join the ‘Net Zero on Campus’ community.


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Watch the recorded webinars from the launch >>

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