What we do


SDSN Northern Europe is facilitator between academia and society, a catalyst for utilization of knowledge to achieve sustainable development.


Everything we do is founded in Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We take all the goals and their interactions into account.

Transformation to a sustainable society

SDSN Northern Europe acts on regional, as well as on European and Global levels. Here we present different initiatives, projects and resources we are presently involved in.

Our areas of action down

We mobilise members

Our members are our core.

Member engagement is crucial for a network. Collaboration among members is facilitated by organising members-only events, sending out member news, offering consultation, knowledge-sharing on the SDSN Mobilize communication platform, engaging with members in social media, and more…

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We provide resources

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool is a free online learning tool that visualizes the results from a self-assessment of how an activity, organisation or innovation affects the SDGs.

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Real-time data and sustainability reports are great sources for research, education, and other knowledge-creating activities.

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Surveys and analyses are conducted on request. One example is a survey on travels and meetings during Covid-19, another is a pre-study for the Nordic Council of Ministers Program.

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We promote SDG Action

Policy work is done on regional, European and global levels. One example is that we are part of the SDSN Europe, which mobilizes and coordinates the knowledge and science across the European SDSN networks in support of a sustainable and resilient EU. Another is that we contribute to the global Sustainable Development Report and SDG Index every year.

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Solutions Initiatives is a concept where we highlight long-term member projects that aim to accelerate progress towards sustainable development. The outcome of a Solutions Initiative is expected to be transformative, holistic, and scalable. Some examples are the Mistra Carbon Exit Programme and the Climate Framework for Higher Education Institutions.

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SDGs in Universities is a joint focus area together with SDSN Australia, New Zealand and Pacific. This includes a special discussion group, shared events, a guide for accelerating education for the SDGs in universities, a database of good examples, and more.

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Glocal projects are collaborations with other SDSN networks where both local and global perspectives are considered. One example is the XPaths project.

We develop concepts

Solutions Initiative Forums is a concept developed to tackle a challenge connected to the SDGs and highlights peer reviewed solutions in a report and at an event.

Read more about the concept of Solutions Initiative Forums


Failure Lunch is a public forum where failures and lessons learned from failures are shared.

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Sustainability Coach is connecting university students with young entrepreneurs to support them in developing sustainable business ideas for the SDGs.

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