Glocal Leadership for Climate Action


Solutions Initiative: Glocal Leadership for Climate Action – A Collaborative Program in Climate Change and Development Economics (3CDE) applied at both Master and Ph.D. level, as well as on-the-job training.


The Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative manage this Solutions Initiative.

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Contact point: Francisco Alpízar, the Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative.


The Collaborative Program in Climate Change and Development Economics (3CDE).

Our mission is to empower leaders and educators, from developing and developed countries, by creating world-class training in: climate science, economic tools to tackle climate challenges, and collaborative leadership skills. The program is based on shared glocal ownership by a network of recognized academic institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Our ultimate goal is a world in which climate solutions are anchored in science and go hand-in-hand with economic development.


The 3CDE Program

“We are the first generation to be able to end poverty, and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.” –Ban Ki-Moon

3CDE is an ambitious education program that will train and support future leaders – the policymakers, researchers, international negotiators, senior managers, and advisors – that will form solutions to local and global climate-related problems. The program recruits top students in economics, social sciences, ecology, engineering, and similar fields coming primarily from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Two developed-country sites in the US and northern Europe will enhance opportunities for exchanging experiences and perspectives in a global network. A top emphasis will be on students to develop skills for working collaboratively with people from a vast range of contexts.

The three pieces of 3CDE:

• Action-oriented glocal Master’s program that provides the backbone for climate-related policy planning and execution.

• Glocal Ph.D. program in Climate Change and Development Economics, that secures local leadership in research, teaching and policy advise.

• On-the-job training program to quickly equip leading civil servants with the capacity to reform current policies: Climate action cannot wait.

What makes 3CDE different?

3CDE creates the first “global classroom” in climate change problem-solving.

• Shared global and local ownership, in a global network of recognized academic institutions covering Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe.

• Managed by the EfD, an organization with unique social capital and extraordinarily strong ties throughout the world.

• 3CDE graduates will be strong at collaborating locally and globally with professionals in government, industry, academia, and non-profit sectors, equipped to become trainers-of-trainers and future change-makers in climate change and sustainable development.

• Innovative “blended learning” applies digital and in-person interfaces. Students will learn partly through content delivered via digital and online media, and partly through direct contact with local professors, teaching assistants, and fellow classmates. Some sites will also make use of in-person exchanges between sites.

• Takes advantage of synergies between the three programs. PhD students will play central roles as local instructors in the other two programs. Decision-makers trained by the on-the-job training program will open doors for internships and recent graduates from the MSc. Program.

3CDE Concept Note

3CDE Brochure

What's next?

Piloting collaborative Glocal Learning in five countries – What is a fair climate emissions deal?
Participating students from India, Kenya, Sweden, Costa Rica and Colombia work together on tackling this challenging question.

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Global Director of 3CDE Francisco Alpízar
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Director of EfD Initiative Gunnar Köhlin
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Capacity Building Board.

Strategic Development Coordinator of 3CDE - USA Maria Damon
Pedagogical Expert of 3CDE Erik Sterner
EfD Sweden Thomas Sterner
EfD Ethiopia Haileselassie Medhin
EfD Kenya Richard Mulwa
EfD Tanzania Razack Lokina
EfD South Africa Martine Visser
EfD China Jintao Xu
EfD India Eswaran Somanathan
EfD Vietnam Pham Khanh Nam
EfD Costa Rica Róger Madrigal
EfD Colombia Jorge Bonilla
EfD Chile Jorge Dresdner
Climate Change Advisor Deliang Chen
Climate Change Advisor Christian Azar
Sustainability in Higher Education Advisor Ulrika Lundqvist
Education for Sustainable Development Advisor Arjen Wals
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