SDG Impact Assessment Tool


A free online tool for all actors in society to further develop their understanding and strategies towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The secretariat of SDSN Northern Europe manages this Solutions Initiative.


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SDG Impact Assessment Tool

This is a free online tool for learning and strategic decision support that visualizes the results from a self-assessment of how an activity, organisation or innovation affects the SDGs. It aims to stimulate the user to get a better understanding of the complexity of sustainable development and the different aspects of the SDGs. In the end you will be better equipped to prioritize actions ahead.

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"It is highly demanded by those in academia, the business sector and governmental bodies engaged in Agenda 2030."

The Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable developments goals (SDGs) is expected to drive and influence sustainability on all levels of society in the coming years. Sustainable solutions that are holistic, transformative and scalable will be increasingly called for in order to promote economic growth, innovation and development and at the same time protect the environment and to take on social challenges. Consequentially, all stakeholders in society needs to further develop their understanding and handling of transdisciplinary and holistic perspectives, thereby avoiding doing good in one end and bad in another.

For whom?

This tool is for anyone in society who wants to know how an activity, organisation or innovation affects the sustainable development goals.


The SDG Impact Assessment tool provides an interactive learning process on how to reflect holistically about potential effects on the SDGs to avoid lock-ins, sub optimizations and other pitfalls when it comes to sustainability.

The tool promotes trans-disciplinary thinking and a deeper understanding of the SDGs and sustainable transformation. At its heart is a questionnaire that will guide the user to consider and evaluate impacts over the SDGs. The result will be visualized in a figure displaying positive, negative or no impact, needs for new knowledge-seeking, as well as pinpointing strategic steps forward.

This tool is by no means developed to be used as a ‘sustainable certification’ tool. Instead, it should be viewed as a way of communicating sustainability aspects of innovations as well as a learning process to identify knowledge gaps and, thereby, needs for new knowledge and strategic steps forward.


What is the result?

When you have gone through the first four steps of the impact assessment, you will get a visualization of your assessment. Based on this visualization, and the knowledge you have acquired by assessing all the sustainable development goals, choose your strategies forward!



What's next?

In the springtime of 2019 we will launch the online version of the SDG Impact Assessment Tool. Stay tuned!

By whom?

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool was developed by Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, in collaboration with SDSN Northern Europe and Mistra Carbon Exit, and with financial support from Region Västra Götaland through the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden. The tool is managed by the secretariat of SDSN Northern Europe but all rights remain with the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development.

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