SIF Integration - Together for an Inclusive Society


Solutions Initiative Forum (SIF) is an action-oriented one-day event where business, policy, civil society and academia come together to promote sustainable solutions.


The Integration Solutions Report will be launched at SIF Integration, 14 May 2018, at Sida in Stockholm.


Contact Tove Andersson, SDSN Northern Europe.


An Inclusive Society is Possible.

In a well-functioning society, integration of different groups of people is key to end poverty, ensure healthier lives, reach education for everyone, gender equality, and an inclusive labour market. Let’s turn segregation into integration and together create a more inclusive and sustainable society. Join us at SIF Integration!

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14 May, 2018, at Sida in Stockholm

Together, we are joining forces to promote innovative solutions to meet the challenge of segregation

On 14 May 2018 we will gather social entrepreneurs, business representatives, investors, researchers and decision-makers to promote solutions for a more inclusive society. We will launch the Integration Solutions Report, showcasing some examples of Nordic solutions to create a more open, inclusive and sustainable society.

SIF Integration is organized by SDSN Northern Europe in collaboration with GU Ventures and Forum for Social Innovation Sweden.

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Contact person: Tove Andersson

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