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28 August 2019

Air quality solutions

We want show that a sustainable society with improved air quality for all is possible. Here we present 20 solutions that originates from the Nordic countries and reduce air pollution from various sources. The list is not intended to be comprehensive, it reflects the wide spectrum of available solutions.

To ensure holistic and sustainable solutions, all selected solutions have performed an assessment of their impact on the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development, using the SDG Impact Assessment Tool. All assessments have then been peer reviewed by our Advisory Panel.

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Read more about the Solutions Initiative Forum – Air.

All selected solutions should:

1. Address challenges involved in achieving improved air quality.

2. Together give a broad overview of examples of innovative Nordic solutions forms various sectors.

3. Be readily available and have overcome initial barriers.


4. Be transformative, i.e., the solutions should have the potential to move society toward sustainability.

5. Be holistic, i.e., the solutions should address all SDGs in an SDG Impact Assessment.

6. Be scalable: the solutions must have the potential to perform well after expanding in scope, size, and/or geographically.


6 Selection Criteria


Atmonia is an on-farm, zero carbon fertilizer production system, producing nitrogen fertilizer from only air, water and renewable electricity.

Bio-Cover A/S

BioCover A/S produces the SyreN system, which is a mobile acidification system that stabilize the nitrogen content in manure slurries.

Daphne Technology SA

Daphne Technology SA is developing a NanoScrubber, which is an exhaust gas cleaning system for marine engines and boilers.


ElectriCity is an innovative and forward-thinking partnership between the city of Gothenburg, the region of Västra Götaland, the private sector and academia to implement sustainable and electrified travel and transport.


ForSea operates a sustainable ferry service using the latest technology to reduce its environmental impact, while constantly striving to strengthen regional integration in the Öresund region.


Freelway provides tools for scaling sustainable transportation of people and goods using already available infrastructure and transportation resources.

Green City Ferries

Green City Ferries focuses on waterborne commuting in urban areas as well as on inland waterways and archipelagos, providing battery driven high-speed ferries along with supercharging facilities.


Leapcraft has developed the CPHSense service platform for air quality monitoring. It is a fully managed service platform, including sensors, calibration, modelling software and data cloud service, to monitor, benchmark and analyze a wide range pollutants and noise at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.


The LoV-IoT project is an innovation project that explores the possibilities to complement air and water monitoring with the use of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT).

Make It Green Solutions AB

Make It Green Solutions AB is a Swedish cleantech company that focus on research and development of solutions for clean energy, water and agriculture, and make them accessible for a global market.

Meva Energy

Meva Energy has developed a biomass gasification technology for decentralized energy generation that is based on a patented entrained flow gasification technology.

N2 Applied

Losing ammonia to the air or to the ground is not sustainable. Lost ammonia is a waste of nutrients and an economic burden for the farmer. N2 Applied has developed a technology that enables farmers to recycle nitrogen and produce their own fertilizer.

Phoenix BioPower

Phoenix BioPower develops new technology for high-efficiency biopower. The technology, Biomass fired TopCycle (BTC), combines biomass gasification with gas turbine combustion
under high pressure and massive steam injection.

Pling Transport

Pling Transport is a bicycle-based delivery company in Gothenburg. With electric cargo bikes, they deliver and distribute all kinds of goods with a capacity to take up to 2 m3 and 200 kg of goods. is a web-based platform that creates lean and efficient supply chains for small-scale food suppliers, by engaging consumers into groups (“pools”).

Sally R

Using the same technology as used for climate control on the International Space Station (ISS), Sally R has developed the Air Handling Optimization add-on (With ADA). This is a smart ventilation and air treatment technology that improves air quality and decreases the energy consumption of buildings.

Sustainable Bioenergy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sustainable Bioenergy in Sub-Saharan Africa is a spin-off from a research project that uses local agroforestry biomass resources and improved cook stove technologies, biochar utilization and renewable electricity production.


Tindrive is a transportation network company that matches passengers with vehicles via their mobile app. In addition, their cars will be equipped with sensors that measures air quality inside and outside of the car.


To enable urban planning for reduced car traffic and parking, Upab (Umeå Parkerings AB) has created a solution called Green Parking pay-off. This means that property developers carry out measures to support sustainable travel to and from the property, for example, connecting the property to car sharing or arranging heated parking spaces for bicycles.


Urbanzee enables detailed measurements of air pollution for entire cities. This solution combines satellite and open data with own measurements of air pollution.

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