Solutions Initiatives

Achieving the SDGs calls for leadership, collective action and innovative solutions initiatives that shift the behaviour of large systems in a significant way. The search for such solutions with a scalable transformative potential will be the primary focus of the SDSN NE. The solutions initiatives will promote new technologies, business models, institutional mechanisms, policies and combinations thereof that can dramatically accelerate progress towards sustainable development. The SDSN NE will address three common barriers inhibiting the deployment of such solutions including lack of awareness outside a narrow technical community; high transaction costs and long decision times. The SDSN NE aims to establish a Solutions Initiatives Forum (SIF) that brings together leaders and decision-makers from business, academia, government, finance and the civic sector in national and regional dialogues to exchange knowledge and strategies, discuss evidence, test ideas and establish long-term Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) that can speed up solutions to critical scale.

The aims of the SIF will be to:

1. promote and demonstrate how better collaboration between stakeholders can promote long-term inclusive sustainable transformations with clear roles for all

2. increase understanding of where in the value chain transformations are needed to maximize the positive impact on sustainability

3. enable innovative technological solutions and practices to reach a point on the S-curve where continued growth required no further intervention, in terms of creating value or savings, public policy and regulation or consumer acceptance

4. create an opportunity to establish cross-sector linkages so that efforts are not duplicated, enhancing efficiency rather than a silo-approach

5. accelerate diffusion of existing technologies by removing technological, market and social barriers and by introducing required social and financial instruments, evaluating initiatives against the SDGs

6. develop joint public private partnership initiatives for the shaping, development, testing and deployment of solutions, supported by innovative financing mechanisms, channelled investment and scaling of green bonds

7. create an opportunity for stakeholders to explore sustainable business ventures, test solutions ideas, exchange experiences, strategies and knowledge.

8. share solutions, ideas, strategies, knowledge and evidence via the global SDSN