Person looking out over the bright night sky of Oslo.
Lights in the night affect us more than is commonly known. Learn about light pollution in the upcoming member meeting on 14 December.
Photo: Thomas Björnstad, Unsplash

Upcoming member meeting on light pollution


Increasing urbanisation and excessive artificial lighting have led to a growing concern known as 'Light pollution' which adversely affects our environment, wildlife, and our ability to enjoy the natural beauty of the night sky. Members of SDSN Northern Europe are invited to this event on the 14 December.

Unlike many other sustainability issues, Light pollution stands out as a non-wicked problem with readily available and straightforward solutions that can yield significant positive effects on both our environment and the well-being of ecosystems, as well as for us humans.

Welcome to this member-exclusive meeting where you will learn about light pollution and what we as SDSN members can do to minimise the negative impacts from this.

Do you want to join? Contact Network Manager Martin Eriksson.