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The outside of the building of the secretariat.
The secretariat is hosted by Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. It is located in the centre of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Photo: Nina Silow

SDSN Northern Europe secretariat

The staff at the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat comprises one network manager, one project manager, one member coordinator, and one communications officer, all working partly with the secretariat.

In line with the mission and the strategic priorities, the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat:

  • connects members by organising member meetings, thematic webinars, and workshops
  • provides infrastructure for communication between members in the Mobilize group SDSN Northern Europe
  • acts as a link between our members and the global SDSN community
  • collaborates with important societal actors on Nordic, European, and global levels (see text box on page 20)
  • spreads awareness of members’ work for sustainable development and their efforts to create sustainable solutions
  • develops tools and concepts to support members and other societal actors to highlight their positive and negative impacts on the SDGs, stimulate actions to improve the sustainability of their operations, and scale up solutions for sustainable development
  • promotes SDGs in universities to encourage members to walk the talk and implement sustainability in all parts of their operations
  • conducts analyses and surveys that create value for our members
  • supports research by contributing with a broader holistic perspective on sustainable development
  • monitors the transformation towards sustainable development on a Nordic, European, and global level.


There are four people in the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat team.
The SDSN Northern Europe team at the secretariat (from left): Anders Ahlbäck, Martin Eriksson, Nina Silow, and Hilda Klingvall
Photo: Ella Ekborg

University based secretariat

Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg fund the staff and activities of the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat.