We're SDSN Northern Europe

From Knowledge to Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Northern Europe is an action-oriented network focusing on mobilizing Nordic scientific and technological expertise to solve problems and create a more sustainable society.

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From Knowledge to Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve a sustainable society, we need change, and change requires knowledge. We at SDSN Northern Europe connect Nordic knowledge institutions to communicate what sustainability is all about and promote joint learning and sustainable solutions.

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Aalborg University, Department of Planning - Aalborg

We offer challenging educations, dynamic research and unique possibilities for innovative cooperation.

Kristianstad University - Kristianstad

All our working relationships are characterized by openness and respect and are based on social, economic and ecological sustainability.

University of Iceland - Reykjavik

We have set an ambitious environmental policy and will build understanding and knowledge of sustainability both inside the university and out.

Terram Pacis - Tromsø

Supporting young people to find their path

University of Bergen - Bergen

Knowledge that shapes society.

The University of Gothenburg - Gothenburg

Quality-driven research, education and cooperation in an inspiring environment enable us to contribute to a better future

Chalmers University of Technology - Gothenburg

Chalmers - for a sustainable future

Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development - Gothenburg

Our centre is a co-operation platform where two universities are working together for sustainable development

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute - Gothenburg

Our environmental profile is broad and combines applied research and development with close collaborations with industry and the public sphere.

Swedish Lifecycle Centre - Gothenburg

We aim for credible and applied life cycle thinking globally

The Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (Havsmiljöinstitutet) - Gothenburg

We are a national centre based on collaboration between five universities and with an assignment from the Swedish government to give a broad picture of the current environmental state of Swedish marine waters.

Department of Languages and Literature at the University of Gothenburg - Gothenburg

Johanneberg Science Park - Gothenburg

Sweden's leading collaborative arena for urban development. We co-generate innovations for a society that is good for people and the environment.

CSR Westsweden - Gothenburg

CSR Westsweden is a non-governmental organisation and we provide education, tools and work experience exchange for sustainable development

Black Dot - Gothenburg

Enables you to partner up with students and find new solutions to complex challenges

Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS) - Gothenburg

A student organization promoting research, education, cooperation and action for sustainable development and society

Handels Students for Sustainability (HaSS) - Gothenburg

A student association in Gothenburg dedicated to channel students' ambitions and creativity into making sustainability happen.

Global Health Mentorships - Gothenburg

Connecting Students and Young Professionals with experienced professionals from different fields within Global Health.

Efd Initiative - Gothenburg

A global network of environmental economics´research centers that contributes to effective management of the environment in the global south through Applied Research, Academic Training, Policy Interaction and Institutional Development.

University West - Trollhättan

Work Integrated Learning is our instrument for handling and developing work in the borderlands of advanced knowledge.

Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI) - Sogndal

Our vision is the promotion of knowledge development and sharing.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Trondheim

Knowledge for a sustainable world.

Baltic University Programme - Uppsala

We support sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region by co-operation between universities and society

SNH – Collaboration for higher education - Gävle

We jointly develop, test and evaluate pedagogical and technical methods for net-based learning and open educational resources (OER).

Norwegian Directorate of Health, Department of global health - Oslo

The Directorate of Health is a specialist body both in the area of public health and living conditions and in the area of health services.

Oslo Metropolitan University - OsloMet - Oslo

OsloMet is an urban and diverse university with clear international qualities, while addressing the needs of society and labor market

AIESEC Norway - Oslo

Youth leadership is not an option, it is our responsibility

Spire - Oslo

We aim to examine the big connections that create injustice

Karlstad University - Karlstad

We have a strong focus on community interaction, and aim to be adventurous in challenging the established and exploring the unknown.

AIESEC Finland - Helsinki

Youth leadership is not an option, it is our responsibility

UN Youth of Finland - Helsinki

We raise awareness and promote the values of the UN among Finnish students and youth

Global Citizen - Copenhagen

We are a social action platform for a global generation that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

University of Copenhagen - Copenhagen

We offer a unique combination of knowledge-transfer that suits specific needs and incorporates both social, economic, and cultural aspects together with the technical challenges of a sustainable future.

Sustainability Science Centre - Copenhagen

We see interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers, businesses and decision-makers as key to solving the societal challenges

ScanBalt - Copenhagen

A global hotspot for health and bio economy

Crossing Borders - Copenhagen

Creating space for dialogue and peace building

Energy Crossroads Denmark - Copenhagen

The global coalition for a clean, prosperous and secure energy future

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences - Elverum

INN University aspires to build strong and enduring academic and research environments that will leave their mark regionally, nationally and internationally. We operate on six campuses in south-eastern Norway.

Blekinge Institute of Technology - Karlskrona

Our vision is to conduct education and research in which engineering and IT are integrated with other disciplines such as spatial planning, industrial economics, design and health sciences to contribute to solving the challenges facing society.

Bio4Energy - Umeå

We provide well recognized environment for education and research and scientific collaboration on bioenergy, biotechnology and forest management.

Umeå University - Umeå

Umeå University is facing the future with knowledge across borders and boundaries, and has developed interaction between research, education, collaboration and innovation that challenges boundaries and plays a crucial role in the region's development.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm - Stockholm

Working for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow

Norden association - Stockholm

Our aim is to stimulate and improve Nordic cooperation at all levels, especially in the fields of education, culture, the labour market, industry, mass media, international aid and environmental care.

SIWI Stockholm International Water Institute - Stockholm

We leverage knowledge and our convening power to strengthen water governance for a just, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Stockholm University - Stockholm

We make knowledge accessible to everyone through dialogue and participation in public debate and the development of society.

Södertörn University - Stockholm

We offer education that encourage reflective thinking and informed citizenship and provide a meeting place for critical perspectives and knowledge that crosses established boundaries.

Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) - Stockholm

Our objective is to contribute to minimizing, preferably eliminating, the major global threats to humanity by stimulating discussion and innovative thinking and increasing decision-makers’ and the public’s knowledge and insight about the challenges we are facing.

Nordregio - Stockholm

We conduct solution-oriented and applied research, addressing current issues from both a research perspective and the viewpoint of policymakers and practitioners.

Swedish Development Forum (FUF) - Stockholm

We provide information and raise awareness on global development issues

Södertörns Miljö- och Utvecklingsförening - Stockholm

Global Health Mentorships - Stockholm

A global, group based mentor ship program connecting Students and Young Professionals with experienced professionals from different fields within Global Health

Lund University IIIEE - Lund

We promote sustainable solutions pursued by public authorities and businesses by assessing governance and management processes, evaluating policy interventions and business models, and exploring visions and scenarios for sustainable futures.

The International Foundation for the Young Masters Programme (ISYMP) - Lund

Our main purpose is to promote exchange of knowledge regarding global sustainability issues through the management and government of ISYMP.

Our Action Areas

We’re a facilitator between academia and the society, a catalyst for utilization of knowledge to reach sustainable development. We create platforms, projects and events for joint learning and strongly believe that failing creates knowledge for a sustainable society.

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