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Members' corner

Is your organisation already a member of SDSN? Great! Learn more about how you can use the network to engage in sustainable development.

How to engage with the SDSN network

Membership in SDSN offers a lot of different ways to drive sustainable development. Here's an overview of how you can actively participate in our global network.

SDSN in the Nordics: Tailored engagement for regional impact

Our regional focus on the Nordic countries tailors SDSN's initiatives to meet the specific needs of our members. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Member meetings and thematic webinars: Engage in discussions, exchange experiences, and address challenges in regular gatherings arranged by our secretariat. You are also welcome to suggest themes, presentations, or discussion points.
  • Nordic projects: Take part in ongoing research projects within the Nordic region, focusing on sustainable development challenges specific to this geographical area, fostering a collaborative approach to finding effective solutions (exemplified by our support for the Mistra Carbon Exit research programme).
  • Glocal projects: Participate in impactful, long-term projects that resonate both locally and globally (exemplified by our support for the XPaths project - Intersecting Pathways to the SDGs across Scales in the Drylands). 
  • SDG Impact Assessment Tool: Utilise this online tool to assess the impact of various activities on the SDGs, serving as a valuable resource for educators, researchers, innovation offices, and organisations to align their operations with the SDGs. 

Read more about what we do in SDSN Northern Europe

    SDSN Globally: Connect to the global sustainability movement

    SDSN is a global network enabling you to keep informed about sustainability developments worldwide. Whether you're a researcher or educator, you have the opportunity to gain increased visibility globally and get inspiration and data for both research and teaching.

    • The SDG Index and SDGs Today: Find sustainability data from every UN member state. These valuable datasets of knowledge serve as a corner stone for understanding, researching, and teaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    • SDG Academy: Access free, high-quality online resources and guidance on education for the SDGs, with the mandate to enrich the field of sustainable development and advance Agenda 2030.  
    • International Conference on Sustainable Development: During the UN General Assembly, SDSN hosts the International Conference on Sustainable Development. Learn about global developments, contribute your insights, and expand your network. 
    • Mobilize platform: Connect with fellow members worldwide through our Mobilize platform. Engage, collaborate, and share ideas.

    Between SDSN networks

    An advantage of belonging to a global network is that it makes it easier to find partners in other countries.

    • One example is the initiative “SDGs in Universities” which is a collaboration with SDSN in Australia, New Zealand & Pacific. Via a separate group on the communication platform Mobilize, members around the world share challenges, guides, good examples, reports, invitations to events and other valuable material. This initiative also includes the recently published guide Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities and a database with 50 good examples of how to teach the SDGs.
    • SDSN Europe is a new initiative (Jan 2021). SDSN Germany, SDSN Greece and SDSN Mediterranean share the lead of this initiative, but the aim is to connect all European networks and collaborate on issues at the EU level, such as the European Green Deal, Codid-19 recovery plans and the EU climate law. SDSN Europe also aims to share relevant projects and solutions and collaborate to scale them up at the European level.
    • In the new project XPaths (pathways to the SDGs in drylands), Stockholm University and the SDSN Northern Europe secretariat collaborates with SDSN Spain, SDSN Brazil, and SDSN SAHEL.