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Resources and tools

In this section, you will find useful resources and tools to help you take on or stay on track with the SDGs. The material is either our own or collected from the global SDSN network.

Education for Sustainable Development

SDSN gathers education for sustainable development from all around the world. Find inspiration on curicula or free content to your course.

SDG Academy

The SDG Academy is SDSN's flagship education initiative. SDG Academy brings together the world’s experts to create and deliver educational content on critical issues for the future of people and planet, including health, education, climate change, agriculture and food systems, and sustainable investment. The free online courses are created in partnership with SDSN members and other organisations from around the world.

Start learning about the SDGs today! Visit SDG Academy to explore the free online courses.

Sustainable Development Reports

SDSN partners with a variety of organisations to assess progress towards SDG achievement at national and local levels. Both official and unofficial metrics are used to measure distance to targets for each of the SDGs. The reports are complementary to official UN monitoring efforts.

The Sustainable Development Report gathers data from all UN countries.

  • View rankings & scores

  • Explore interactive maps that showcase the performance of countries on each of the 17 SDGs

  • Analyse country profiles

  • Try the data explorer

  • Download the report and all the material

The entire Sustainable Development Report with its datasets, and any additional materials are available free of charge. This includes the full report in PDF format, our Excel database with scores, ratings, trends, and raw values, our codebook, our methodology, and much more.

World Happiness Report

How happy is the world? This is answered by this annual survey and analysis of the state of global happiness.

The World Happiness Report is a survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.

Free concepts

We develop concepts to tackle a challenge connected to the SDGs. Welcome to use the guides we created for the concepts.

Solutions Initiative Forum (SIF) is a concept developed to tackle a challenge connected to the SDGs and highlights peer reviewed solutions in a report and at an event.

The SDG Coloring Book includes illustrations that can be used by anyone who wishes to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals or sustainable development in general.

Failure Lunch is an event that gathers eminent experts to share their inspiring stories of failure, all related to various aspects of sustainable development.