Recorded webinar on accelerating sustainable transformation | SDSN Northern Europe

Recorded webinar on accelerating sustainable transformation

Learn about urgent environmental challenges and explore solutions together with three experts on global sustainability: Åsa Persson, Stockholm Environment Institute; Katherine Richardson, University of Copenhagen; and Pierre Boileau, United Nations Environment Programmme (UNEP).

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Are we burning the bridges? How to accelerate sustainable transformations

Welcome to listen to three renowned speakers with unique experiences in environmental science and policy. They have been involved in the development of the previous and current versions of the UN Global Sustainable Development Report and the Planetary Boundries framework, as well as the current and future Global Environment Outlook. Get updated on the state of the environment and look into the future of environmental solutions and pathways. 

Although a healthy and stable biosphere is the foundation for human societies, it is clear that current human activities are deteriorating the environment. Many reports and papers, including the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO), the UN Global Sustainable Development Reports, the UN SDSN Sustainable Development Reports, and the Planetary Boundaries framework papers, are all showing alarming results. In general, the ecological states of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments are degrading from overexploitation, habitat destruction, climate change and pollution. Unless this triple planetary crisis quickly can be turned into a regenerative development, we are burning the bridges for a sustainable development for future generations.

In this webinar you will get presentions of these reports and papers. The speakers will couple their findings and conclusions, and discuss what academics and sustainability professionals can do to mitigate the triple planetary crisis. 

In addition, you will learn about the work on the coming GEO-7. In addition to assessing the state and trends of the global environment, the GEO-7 will provide guidance on the possible environmental and socio-economic implications of the transformational changes needed. It aims to provide analysis of the positive and negative socio-economic impacts of different solutions pathways.


Dr. Martin Eriksson, Network Manager, SDSN Northern Europe

The Global Sustainable Development Report 2023
Prof. Åsa Persson, Research Director and Deputy Director of Stockholm Environment Institute

Earth beyond six of the nine planetary boundaries
Prof. Katherine Richardson, Co-Chair SDSN Northern Europe and Director of the Sustainability Science Center at Copenhagen University

Global Environmental Outlook, lessons from GEO 6 and work on upcoming GEO 7
Dr. Pierre Boileau, Head of the Global Assessment Unit, United Nations Environment Programmme (UNEP)


This webinar is a follow-up on the UN Stockholm +50 associated event "Acting for a healthy planet: Environmental Science-Policy Solutions and Pathways" and the work that SDSN Northern Europe and the UN SDSN do to support UNEP in the GEO-7 process.